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Dena Bank Business Loan

Dena Bank is amongst one of the top loan providers as it provides a business loan to start-ups, small-scale enterprises, medium-sized organization and a lot more. If you want to start your own business and need a huge amount of funds, then Dena Bank Business Loan can prove to be the best choice. Dena Bank provides a high quantum business loan at low-interest rates.

The bank provides multiple types of business loans to suit your requirements, and to be your perfect loan match, it offers customized loan option. There is no restriction on the usage of the loan amount, you can use the funds as per your business requirements such as purchase of assets, renovation of office premises, expansion of business, purchase of new technology and so on.

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Reasons to Apply for Dena Bank Business Loan

Dena Bank provides multiple loan schemes and makes the business loans available to you at affordable interest rates. Here are some of the major benefits of applying for a business loan from Dena Bank: take a look:-

  • Interest rates starting from 10%
  • High quantum loan to 15lac
  • Online application
  • Easy documentation process
  • Quick loan approval
  • Funds available within 2 days
  • Processing charges only up to 1%
  • Flexible tenure of repayment
  • Minimal documentation

Dena Bank Business Loan Interest Rate

Salaried Individual

Loan Amount

Starting From Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 25 lakhs

Interest Rate

10.99% - 20.00%

Loan Tenure

12 to 60 months

Processing Fee

2.50%, Minimum Rs. 1,000 Maximum Rs. 25,000

Foreclosure Charges

Allowed after 12 EMIs, Prepayment charges vary by year: 2nd year - 4%; 3rd year - 3%, after 3 years - 2%


21 years up to 60 years

Highlights of Dena Bank Business Loan

You can easily meet almost all type of your business expenditure with Dena Bank as it provides high quantum business loan without any restriction on funds utilization. The Bank offers different business loans, so you can easily choose the one which perfectly matches your requirement.

Dena Bank business loan is available at reasonable interest rates which makes it an affordable option. In addition, there are numerous other benefits which are associated with business loans offered by Dena Bank; lets’ know in detail:-

Instant loan up to 15lac

Dena Bank offers a loan up to 15lac easily in just a few clicks, thus you can instantly get a high quantum loan to meet your business capital expenditures.

Affordable rate of interest

The rate of interest charged by Dena Bank starts just from 10% which makes the business loan quite affordable.

Low processing fee

The loan processing fee ranges only up to 1% which is very minimal and makes the loan available without any heavy expenses.

Apply in just a click

You can easily apply and get your Dena Bank business loan approved online. The entire loan process is digital, so you can easily apply for a loan in just a click.

Repay in small EMIs

You can easily repay the loan in small EMIs which can extend up to 36 months. So, you can easily decide your monthly EMI depending upon your income.

Funds available in 2 days

Funds are instantly made available in just a span of 2 days. Once your loan application gets approved, you the loan amount are disbursed into your account in 2 days.

Customized loan available

The bank also offers a tailor-made loan option to meet your requirements completely.

No collateral required

You do not need any collateral to apply for the business loan with Dena Bank which makes the documentation process minimal.

Multiple loan schemes

Varied loan schemes are offered by Dena Bank from time to time which lowers the rate of interest as well as offers numerous other benefits to the borrowers.

Dena Bank Business Loan Fees & Charges

Loan Processing Fees Up to 2.50% of loan amount, Rs 1,000 to 25,000
Pre-payment Charges 4% of principal outstanding - 13 to 24 months,
3% of principal outstanding – 25 to 36 months
2% of principal outstanding - >36 months
Penalty for late EMI payment 24% per year on outstanding amount From default date
Eligibility Criteria

Know your Eligibility for Dena Business Loan

Are you planning to apply for a business loan from Dena Bank? If yes, then you must meet the below-listed eligibility criteria of the bank. Scroll down and check your eligibility for Dena Bank loan:-


At the time of applying the business loan, your minimum age should be 24 years and at the time of maturity of the loan, your maximum age should be 55 years.


You should be a self-employed professional, self-employed individual, Private Limited Company, Proprietary or a partnership firm.


You should meet the minimum annual income and the turnover requirement of Dena Bank.

Documents Needed for Dena Bank Business Loan

You need to represent the pre-defined set of documents to the bank in order to get your business loan application approved by the bank. Scroll down and the list of documents required:-

  • Application of Loan – You are required to provide a duly filled application form.

  • KYC Documents – PAN Card/Valid Passport/Driving license/ID card/Aadhaar Card

  • Statement of Bank – You need to provide bank statement for last 6 months

  • Income Documents – ITR/P&L for last 2 years

  • Proof of Business Continuity – Bank Statement/IT Returns/Certificate of Incorporation

Documents Required

Why apply for Dena Bank Loan at Rupee Station?

At Rupee Station, we share an exclusive collaboration with Dena Bank to make the best loan schemes available to you. We are a one-stop solution for all types of loan and help you to get your loan application instantly approved by the bank. At Rupee Station, you can apply for Dena Bank Business loan just a few clicks and can enjoy the exclusive schemes offered by the bank.

Our aim is to make business loans easily and instantly available to everyone. We have dedicated customer support team which is always ready to resolve your queries. There are numerous other facilities provided by Rupee Station; have a look:-

Customized loan available

We at Rupee Station strive hard to perfectly match the requirement of the borrowers, and thus offer customized loan option.

Instant Approval

To apply for loan, you just need to fill a loan application form at Rupee Station. Our financial experts process your application on the priority basis and get your loan approved instantly.

Quick availability of funds

We make the funds available in just 2 days after the approval of your loan application, so you can easily meet your instant fund requirement with Rupee Station.

Expert assistance

We have a dedicated team of financial experts who are always ready to resolve your queries about business loans and their approval. In addition, you can also get the best financial advice to take a step ahead.

Easy documentation process

At Rupee Station, our aim is to make the documentation process hassle-free and paperless. So, you can easily submit your documents online and we will verify them instantly in just a few minutes.

Apply for Loan in Just a minute at Rupee Station

At Rupee Station, our aim is to make the business loans instantly available to all the borrowers. So, you can apply for the loan in just a minute. Let’s know the process –

Step 1

Fill your basic details in the loan application form at our website.

Step 2

Our financial experts will review your information and will connect with you to know the other required details.

Step 3

You will receive the cash in your account within 2 days after your loan application gets approved.