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Credit Report depicts the detailed information of your credits cards and loans. This report shows all the information related to your financial accounts, credits, repayment history of credits or loans, your credit card limit, current balance and a lot more. Credit score which is referred for the approval of loans, is based on this report. It is highly essential to have an updated credit report as any inaccuracy in the credit report can affect your credit score as well as your loan processing.

Apart from your financial information, your credit report contains other information about you such as your past employers’ details, name, social security number, your present and past residential address, date of birth and a lot more.

Why should you check your credit report on a regular basis?

If you are dealing in credit cards, have ongoing loans or planning to take a loan, then it is quite essential to check the credit report on regular basis. Below are some of the reasons which makes it essential to check the credit report on essential basis; take a look:-

  • It helps you to find the mistake in your credit report and rectify the same.
  • Keeping your information in your credit report updated.
  • It also helps in identifying that your identity is not used by anyone. If you see any open accounts which are not opened by you then they are signals that your identity is misused.
  • If there is any mistake in your credit report, your credit score may fall and you might end up paying additional interest charges on the loans.

Thus, it is advisable to check your credit rating on regular basis. At Rupee Station, you can check your credit rating instantly in clicks. Remember to be double sure about your personal information while checking the report as any mistake in it makes your identity more prone to theft.

Who has the authority to access your Credit Report?

Not everyone has the authority to access your credit report as the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act restricts the people who can access the report. The people or the companies who can access your credit report are –

  • Mortgage lenders        
  • Utility companies
  • Employers
  • Collection agencies
  • Landlords
  • Car insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Judgment creditors

So, if anyone apart from the above-listed people have access to your credit report then take the issue seriously in order to prevent fraud. At Rupee Station, we understand the importance of credit report and credentials, thus we process your request for credit report very securely and ensure that your credentials are safe. You can apply for the credit report at Rupee Station without giving a second thought about its security.