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Terms and Conditions

Fees or Payments

Rupee Station shall impose fees on loans, credit line registration and loan drawdown that is revealed in the website or will be exposed to the applicant upon admiration of the loan. 

Interest, costs, and fines

Rupee Station shall impose interest on loans within the designated limit allowed by the bank that is disclosed in Rupee Station website or will be published to the applicant upon admiration of the loan. A fine for overdue payment will be charged to the applicant at the rate designated by the bank.

Credit Deadline

It is the option of Rupee Station to produce the maximum credit deadline to the borrower which shall be fixed by the bank upon admiration of the loan. The borrower at this moment should accept that the loan is availed.


The loan shall be approved based on the amount that is scheduled and disclosed in Rupee Station website or will be revealed to the applicant upon consent of the loan. 

Loan Disclosure

Loan disclosure report declared to the loan applicant electronically shall be the proof that the borrower affirms to the terms and conditions of the loan involving the current interest rate stated.

Payment Oversight

For this plan, the applicant admits to, sanction, name and irrevocably order, Rupee Station as an attorney with complete power and officials to interrogate about the decrease in unpaid loan balance, normal due or any other obligation by the applicant due to the bank from such borrowers.


  • The applicant gives the right to the bank to grant details of his/her account to third party agencies for the
  • View of availing of support services of any nature by the bank, without any specific consent or permission from
  • The applicant further notices that the bank is empowered to share information relating to the applicant, including information about any default committed by the applicant

Loan details

  • The term of the contract (by months)
  • The loan value
  • APR or Annual percentage rate
  • Fixed Interest rate per year
  • The entire amount of interest charged on the loan. This includes a total charge for credit

Losing to make the repayments on terms

  • If the applicant has trouble making repayments, then they should contact the support team of Rupee Station.
  • Not repaying the bank on time means that the applicant has broken the terms of the agreement and one or more of the following actions may be applied:
  • The applicant may pay more interest overall
  • Rupee Station may report the breach to credit reference agencies
  • The applicant may find it harder to get credit in the future
  • The applicant may use funds on any other account that they hold with
  • The applicant may terminate the agreement and expect the applicant to repay the entire outstanding balance.
  • Legal actions may be taken upon the applicant which could appear in debt being secured against any property.

Overpayments and repaying the loan in advance

  • The applicant can overpay for the loan at any time. This will decrease the excellent balance so that the applicant can pay less of the interest rate. The amount of the monthly payment will stay equivalent, so the customer may also have to pay off the loan more quickly.
  • The applicant can request for a statement showing the result of any overpayment on the price that they owe and Rupee Station would send the records to the applicants with seven working days of the request.
  • The applicant can also repay the entire amount that they owe at any time.