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IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

Meet your financial expenditure easily with instant personal loan facility provided by Induslnd Bank. Yes, you can instantly get funds to meet your financial requirements such as medical expenses, house renovation, travel requirements from Induslnd Bank as it provides the personal loan at affordable interest rates. The Induslnd Bank personal loans are easily available in just a few clicks, and the best part is that there is no restriction on the usage of the loan amount.

Induslnd Bank and Rupee Station have collaborated to make the entire loan process hassle-free for the borrowers. With Rupee Station, you just need to fill an online loan application form to initiate the loan proceedings, and you get funds in just two days. Rupee Station is a one-stop platform for providing all types of loan instantly to the borrowers. We not only provide the loans to the borrowers with good credit score but also to the ones with poor credit score.


Apply Personal Loan

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Why to apply for a personal loan from Induslnd Bank?

There are multiple benefits in applying for personal loan at Rupee Station; some of the major benefits are listed below. Have a look:-

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Basic eligibility criteria
  • Instant application process
  • Simple documentation
  • No loan processing fee
  • Speedy disbursal of funds
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • Multiple repayment modes
  • No need of collateral or guarantor s

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

Salaried Individual

Loan Amount

Starting From Rs. 1Lakh to 20Lakhs

Interest Rate

11.49% - 20.00%

Loan Tenure

12 to 60 months

Processing Fee

Up to 2% of the loan amount

Foreclosure Charges

Up to 4%


21 years up to 60 years

Key features of Induslnd Bank Personal Loan

Induslnd Bank also offers tailor-made personal loan to meet the varying requirements of the borrowers, and the simple online application process makes the loan procedure hassle-free. The repayment tenure is also quite flexible thus you can keep the EMIs as per your requirement. In addition, there are multiple other benefits of taking loan from Induslnd Bank. Have a look:-

Competitive Interest rate

The rate of interest charged on personal loan by the Induslnd is quite low, and it starts from 11.49%. Thus, you can easily get the personal loan at affordable prices to meet all your financial needs.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for the personal loan is the basic one which is easily met by most of the people.

Instant application process

Applying for Induslnd Personal Loan is a minutes task as you just need to fill an online application form followed by the submit button. Once you fill the loan application form, the loan procedure is initiated.

Simple Documentation

The documentation process is also very easy as you only need to provide some basic documents.

No loan processing fee

There is absolutely no loan processing fee charged by the Induslnd Bank. Your loan is processed at zero cost, so you need not worry about any additional charges for getting the funds.

Speedy disbursal of funds

The loan amount is instantly transferred to your account in just two days. Once your loan application is approved, you will receive the fund within no time.

Flexible repayment tenure

The repayment tenure of the loan is also flexible and depends completely on you. The repayment tenure extends up to 5 years so you can decide monthly EMIs in accordance with your income.

Multiple repayment modes

You can easily make the repayment of the loan through multiple modes such as account debit, ECS etc. Multiple loan repayment modes are available and you can select the one which suits you the best.

No need of Collateral or Guarantor

To get your personal loan approved, you do not need any collateral or guarantor so there is no dependency for getting the Induslnd Personal Loan.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Fees & Charges

Loan Processing Fees Up to 2.50% of loan amount, Rs 1,000 to 25,000
Pre-payment Charges 4% of principal outstanding - 13 to 24 months,
3% of principal outstanding – 25 to 36 months
2% of principal outstanding - >36 months
Penalty for late EMI payment 24% per year on outstanding amount From default date
Eligibility Criteria

Are you eligible for Induslnd Bank Personal loan?

The eligibility criteria for the loan are different for all banks. And, some of them have strict eligibility guidelines while others just have some basic requirements. However,the personal loan at IndusInd Bank can be availed even if you have a poor credit score, especially if you are applying with us. In order to apply for the Induslnd Personal Loan, you should be at least 21 years of age and maximum 65 years old at the time of maturity of the loan.


You must have a continuous monthly income which should meet the minimum income requirement of the bank.


If you are a salaried employee then you should have 2 years of experience and 1 year of experience with the current organization. If you are a self-employed professionals/individual then you should have 4 or 5 years of experience respectively after getting qualified.


If you are a salaried employee and living in a rented house, then you must be living in your current residence for more than a year.

Documents Required for Induslnd Bank Personal Loan

Every bank conducts a documentation procedure before the approval of the loan, but the only difference lies in the documents required by the bank. Some banks demand multiple documents while others just require a few basic documents. The documents required are listed below -

  • Application for loan – You need to provide a loan application form duly filled with the details required.

  • Identity Proof – Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Driving License/ Passport

  • Income Proof – Salary slip for last 3 months/ form 16

  • Address Proof – A valid proof of ID with permanent address

  • Bank Statement  – Statement of the bank for last 6 months (self-employed)/statement of the bank for last 3 months (salaried employee)

Documents Required

Why to apply at Rupee Station for Induslnd Bank personal loan

At Rupee Station, our goal is to provide all types of loan to the individuals easily and instantly through an effortless process. Personal loans are unsecured loans, and thus they are generally available to borrowers with good credit score, but we also provide loans to borrowers with bad credit score.

At Rupee Station, you will get the lowest interest rate. In addition, you can easily avail the exclusive loan offers provided by the bank as Rupee Station has an exclusive collaboration with the banks. So, by applying at Rupee Station for Induslnd personal loan, you get exclusive offers, lowest interest rate and a lot more. Below listed are few of the major highlights of Rupee Station. Have a look:-

Quick loan application

With Rupee Station you can instantly apply for the loan just by filling an online application form on our website followed by the submit button. As soon as you submit the form, your loan procedure is instantly initiated.

Instant approval of loan

Your personal loan is instantly approved within a few minutes with Rupee Station, so you need not wait for weeks and months for getting your personal loan approved.

Get the loan amount in 2 days

The loan amount is disbursed in your account in just two days, after the approval of your loan application.

Instant customer help

At Rupee Station, we have a dedicated customer support team which is always available to clear all your queries and doubts related to the personal loan and its approval. Just give us a call and get an instant answer to all your queries.

Instant check of loan application status

You can also check the status of your loan application with Rupee Station as we provide the facility to check the real-time status of loan application with just a few clicks.

Get Your Loan approved at Rupee Station

At Rupee Station, you can easily get your loan approved in just a few simple steps. Here is an easy process of applying for a personal loan at Rupee Station. Have a look:-

Step 1

Fill our easy online loan application form and submit.

Step 2

Your application is reviewed by our financial experts and they will get in touch with you to get other relevant information.

Step 3

Receive the loan amount in 2 days, once your loan application is approved.

About Indusind Bank Personal Loan

If you are in need of high quantum funds then Induslnd Personal Loan is one of the best options for you as the bank provides collateral-free loan up to 20lac at the interest rates starting just from 11.49%. You can repay the entire loan amount in small monthly installments over the period of time. In addition, the processing fee and other charges of the bank are also quite affordable.

Why choose Indusind Bank Personal Loan?

If you want to experience a hassle-free loan procedure then apply for the loan at Induslnd Bank. The bank offers simple documentation, multiple loan repayment modes, speedy disbursal of funds, and numerous other customer friendly services. There is no need of guarantor for the approval of the loan, so you can easily get the high quantum loan without much effort.

Indusind Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates (2018)

The rate of interest charged by Induslnd Bank on the personal loan starts just from 11.49% which is quite affordable as well as low in comparison to other banks. So, you can easily get an instant loan at low rates.

Indusind Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

There are quite basic eligibility criteria to apply for the Induslnd Bank Personal Loan. The bank provides the loan to salaried as well as self-employed individual falling in the age group of 21 to 65 years. However, if you are a salaried employee then you must have at least 2 years of experience while if you are a self-employed individual then you must have 4 to 5 years of experience.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator

You can easily repay your loan in small monthly installments in accordance with your expected monthly income. However, if you want to be sure about your monthly installments, so that you do not face any monetary issues in future then you can instantly check your expected lowest monthly installments through our Personal Loan EMI calculator. Just provide your basic financial details, the required loan amount and you will get to know the expected EMI.

Free Credit Score/ Rating Report

The approval of collateral-free loan is majorly dependent upon your creditworthiness which is depicted through your credit score. You can use our free credit score checker and get your credit report in minutes only. The credit report will give a detailed insight of your credit history along with your credit score and the tips to improve or maintain the same.

IndusInd Personal loan terms and conditions details

The terms and conditions to apply for the personal loan with this bank are quite minimal such as you should be eligible to apply for the loan, you need to make the monthly repayment of the loan, you can make the part-payment and pre-closure as per the norms of the bank only, you need to provide basic documents for the approval of the loan and so on.

IndusInd personal loan procedure and approval time

The process to apply for the loan with this bank is quite quick and easy as you can apply online in clicks only. At Rupee Station, your application for the loan is approved in just a few days and you receive the loan amount in just 2 days. Thus, with Rupee Station, you can get the loan instantly and meet your urgent monetary needs.

IndusInd Personal Loan online payment process

In order to get your loan approved, you need to pay the processing fee and some other charges to the bank which you can easily pay via online payment. The loan amount is also disbursed in your account and you can make the repayment of the loan through multiple online processes such as ECS and account debit. So, you can make all the payments online in just minutes.

How to Apply for IndusInd Bank Personal Loan?

You can easily apply for the loan at Rupee Station in just a few clicks as you only need to fill an application form at our website. The loan application form is very short and only requires some of your basic details such as your name, email id, contact number, and salary. Once you fill and submit this form your request is initiated on instant basis.